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Article 2 (Review)

Ali, A.; Laaksonen, A.; Huang, G.; Hussain, S.; Luo, S.; Chen, W.; Shen, P. K.; Zhu, J.; Ji, X., Emerging strategies and developments in oxygen reduction reaction using high-performance Platinum-based electrocatalysts. Nano Research 2023.

Abstract: The global practical implementation of proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) heavily relies on the advancement of highly effective Platinum (Pt)-based electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). To achieve high ORR performance, electrocatalysts with highly accessible reactive surfaces are needed to promote the uncovering of active positions for easy mass transportation. In this critical review, we introduce different approaches for the emerging development of effective ORR electrocatalysts, which offer high activity and durability. The strategies, including morphological engineering, geometric configuration modification via supporting materials, alloys regulation, core-shell, and confinement engineering of single atom electrocatalysts (SAEs), are discussed in line with the goals and requirements of ORR performance enhancement. We review the ongoing development of Pt electrocatalysts based on the syntheses, nanoarchitecture, electrochemical performances, and stability. We eventually explore the obstacles and research directions on further developing more effective electrocatalysts.