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Electrocatalytic Production of liquid Organic hydrogen carrier and CHemicals from lignin

Dihydrogen is indispensable for every material in our daily life and expected to be clean energy source as well. However, current production relays on steam reforming which emits significant amount of carbon dioxide as by-product. Funded by the European Innovation Council, EPOCH proposes to develop a novel approach in linking green hydrogen production with the direct loading of liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) enabling a transformative logistic of green hydrogen distribution and storage. Lignin derivatives are used to be selectively oxidized. Compared to water electrolysis, EPOCH will advance the field by (1) using the nascent hydrogen at the cathode directly to load LOHCs allowing economic H2 storage and transport, and (2) converting at the anode waste lignin and its derivatives via selective oxidation. EPOCH is beyond the state-of-the-art solutions, as it does not form molecular H2 at the cathode nor generates oxygen at the anode. By modifying both cathodic and anodic reactions, EPOCH reduces the energy intensity.

EIC Portoflio Project

The “Green Hydrogen portfolio” gathers 9 projects funded through the EIC Pathfinder challenge called “Novel Routes to Green Hydrogen Production”, launched in 2021. The portfolio projects share common topics and objectives, in this case, the efficient generation of green hydrogen, and extend for a period of up to 60 months until September 2027. The total funding from the EIC for these projects is almost €29 million.

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